Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Blossom in Gardens Park - Las Vegas Family/Portrait Photographer

The bond between moms and their babies is unconditional, it is purest love that there is, they say it is “understanding of any situation and forgiving of any mistake”. It is very challenging to photograph and capture its essence, to have those strong emotions, those moments and memories saved and worth looking over and over again. The bond that is so sacred, you almost don’t want to interrupt neither mom or her babies interacting, but as a photographer, you know you need to pose them somehow, move around and chase that perfect light. However, as challenging as it may look like, once you have that MOM, who is such a strong, calm, heavenly beautiful inside and out human, who's energy is affecting everybody around - you know things will go smoothly, no matter what. That golden sunset light was on point, park was looking so grand and marvelous with all that white blossom, even park visitors moved as we were working on making memories. Being #Las Vegas family/portrait photographer and having to chase toddlers around for that one good shot taught me patience and also showed me that even though we live in a desert, blossoms here are nothing short of spectacular. The thing is, they do not last. I had to clear up my already busy schedule and just go and shoot, no delaying, no rescheduling. Having Vedrana as a best friend means that she will move fast, she will come, she will give her best. And every shot was just like that - worth printing, and blowing up on big size canvas! Both Darian and Matia were attached to their mom, looking at her, listening and squeezing her hands. So much love, it can never ever be undone or changed by time or distance. Eternal."






Floyd Lamb Park Family Session - Las Vegas Family/Portrait Photographer

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